China vs USA and the world: Carrier killer missile, other military stories – compilation

China vs USA and the world Carrier killer missile other military storiescompilation

In only a generation, China has transformed itself into one of the most dominant countries in the world. After a significant period of economic growth in the 1990s and 2000s, China is now capable of designing and producing its own high-tech weapons. Its growing military power is a major source of tension in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly with the U.S, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, and other nearby countries.

TomoNews presents to you a selection of stories about China’s latest weapons and military actions.

1. The DF-ZF hypersonic glide vehicle flies at five to 10 times the speed of sound and could be operational by 2020.

2. China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy now has more submarines than the U.S. Navy. Should we be worried?

3. After meticulous sleuthing, bloggers and netizens reached the conclusion that at least one of the North Korean drones that crashed in South Korea were manufactured by a Chinese company.

4. Japan scrambled fighter jets for a third consecutive day after four Chinese military aircraft flew over Japans Okinawa Islands and Miyako Island.

5. China’s new island base is aimed at strengthening surveillance over its self-proclaimed air defense identification zone and enhance China’s ability to respond militarily to threats in the region.

6. China parades its latest weapons to celebrate the end of world War II. Among them was a new “Carrier killermissile known as the Dong Feng 21D.

7. Japan is accusing China of heightening tensions in the East China Sea after two pairs of Chinese jets flew extremely close to two Japanese surveillance planes in separate incidents.

8. Initial estimates that China has reclaimed 2,000 acres since December 2013 are wrong, says a newly released Pentagon report. The number is in fact almost 50 percent greater.

9. Satellite imagery shows that China has created enough space on Fiery Cross Reef for a runway that is about 3,000 metres long.

10. The U.S. military plans to station B-1 strategic bombers and surveillance aircraft in Australia, according to U.S. Defence Department Assistant Secretary for Asian and Pacific Security Affairs David Shear.

11. China has unilaterally declared an “air-defense identification zone” (ADIZ) over a vast area of the East China Sea, covering disputed islands that are also claimed by Japan and Taiwan.

12. Five Chinese naval ships, including three combat ships, an amphibious ship and a replenishment ship, were spotted in international waters near the Aleutian Islands.

13. The Philippines accused China of having used water cannons last month on Filipino fishermen to drive them out of disputed waters in the South China Sea.

14. The U.S. Navy plans to sail a ship close to artificial islands built by China to signal it doesn’t recognise Beijing’s claim on the entire South China Sea. China is “seriously concerned.”

15. China’s navy issued eight demands to an American P-8A Poseidon aircraft to leave the airspace over Southeast Asia’s most dangerous flashpoint.

16. Chinese long-range bombers passed through the contested Bashi Channel in a move interpreted as pushback against U.S. involvement in the region.

17. Pentagon Chief Ash Carter has pledged to expand the U.S.’ military ties with Vietnam, beginning with millions of dollars worth of patrol boats.

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China vs USA and the world Carrier killer missile other military storiescompilation

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