Croatia Sailing 3 Day Luxury Yacht Sailing Along The Dalmatian Coast and Sunny Islands

Croatia Sailing 3 Day Luxury Yacht Sailing Along The Dalmatian Coast and Sunny Islands” rel=”nofollow”>

If you can imagine yourself on night Sailing, or exploring hidden beaches on a Luxury sport Yacht, you are at the right place.
Treat yourself with a royal treatment of 3 Day unforgettable Sailing on the Adriatic Sea
Croatia is renowned as a Sailing destination and this route is the icing on the cake.
Our three-Day Sailing route connects two locations that are under the protection of UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. These are Trogir and Hvar. Both locations are extremely well connected to further continue your adventure through Croatia‘s natural and cultural heritage. On our Sailing route is the forested island of Šolta where we anchor in hidden coves. The island of Vis is an island of great historical heritage where we will visit both towns, Vis and Komiža. Also there is a small island of Biševo with a worldwide attraction Blue Cave, and the South Shore of Vis with its sandy beaches is often rated among the top ten beaches in the world. These are small hidden beaches.
In three Days we pass a minimum of 100 nautical miles on this route.
Guests are accommodated on a Yacht in three cabins, while the crew has their own cabin. All cabins have their own toilet and bathroom. In all cabins the standing height is 2 meters.

Cabins are equipped with Sensualité carpets, full of softness, comfort and Luxury.

It is possible to rent a cabin or the whole Yacht. Cabins can be rented for 1-3 persons, and a Yacht for 4-7 persons.
The offer includes breakfast and daily meals for three Days and one dinner. We have a standard menu but we love to adapt to the particular wishes of our guests. We use fresh groccerys and it is quite normal for us to make you a steak in a green pepper sauce or serve you a cheese cake with champagne for breakfast.
Since it is a sporty Luxury adventure, we arrange a daily rhythm of Sailing, swimming, tours and meals.
In addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner, guests have at their disposal a variaty of fruit, snacks, tea, cakes, coffee, bottled water, juices, top quality wine and beer.
Bogey 1 is a Luxury sport Sailing Yacht that actively participates in regattas. How fast Bogey is best evidenced by the results of the races. On the most challenging Adriatic navigation regatta Jabuka, only specialized racing boats that have no possibility of accommodating guests were faster than Bogey 1.