Mercedes F015 Driverless Car Review

Mercedes F015 Driverless Car Review

Take a tour of the Mercedes Autonomous Car F015 as its automatic doors open and rotating lounge chairs plus the detail on the exterior up close is very cool. Mercedes F015 Self Driving Car, we like it, this is the future. Watch in UltraHD + SUBSCRIBE #CarJAMTV
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Mercedes F015 Self Driving Car, A luxury lounge providing maximum comfort. Sensual, flowing transitions and warm, organic materials such as open-pore walnut wood, which has been shaped to a three-dimensional veneer in the interior of the Mercedes F015 Self Driving Car, and extremely soft ice-white nappa leather contrast with clearly-defined metal and glass surfaces with a cool and technical feel. The Mercedes F015 Self Driving Car transitions between organic, metal and synthetic materials have been designed using matrix graphics; and the flowing transitions deliver a new, unparalleled feeling of bounteous space. The light-coloured fine wood used for the Mercedes F015 Self Driving Car floor, for example, flows almost imperceptibly into the cool Plexiglass of the side panels thanks to their unusual surface matrix.
The transition between the vehicle floor and the Mercedes F015 Self Driving Car door panels also echoes the outer body shape in a characterful way. The pivotal feature of the innovative Mercedes F015 Self Driving Car interior concept is the variable seating system, with four rotating lounge chairs that allow a face-to-face seat configuration.
The interior as a digital living space.

One core theme of the innovative interior concept is a continuous exchange of information between vehicle, passengers and the outside world. Six displays are installed to this end all around, tastefully mounted in the instrument panel and the rear and side walls, making the interior of the Mercedes F 015 Luxury in Motion a digital living space – a perfect symbiosis of the virtual and the real world. Passengers are able to interact intuitively with the connected vehicle by means of gestures or by touching the high-resolution screens.
Visual and acoustic signals for greater safety.

The Mercedes F 015 Luxury in Motion communicates with its surroundings both visually and acoustically. Large LED displays at the front and rear as well as a laser projection system directed toward the front are responsible for the visual part, while the acoustic communication repertoire includes both sounds and specific spoken instructions.
Mercedes Revolutionary vehicle structure.

The high-strength body of the F 015 Luxury in Motion ensures optimum safety and supreme comfort for its passengers. At the same time, the bodyshell’s structure provides the ideal basis for impact-protected installation of an F-CELL PLUG-IN Mercedes HYBRID drive system, for the door concept that makes getting in and out especially easy, and for the communication-oriented Mercedes seating featuring four lounge chairs in a face-to-face arrangement.
Autonomy or Autonomous behavior is a contentious term in reference to unmanned vehicles due to the poor understanding of whether something acting without outside commands is doing so through its own ability to make decisions or through a method of decision making pre-programmed into it. It is a quality which is rather abstract in nature and rather difficult to measure.

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