The Vision iNext is BMW’s first level 3 autonomous car

The Vision iNext is BMW‘s first level 3 autonomous car

BMW i design chief Domagoj Dukec stresses, “Technology must be a human experience. Design enables this. It’s a human necessity to have a favourite space. This car can drive autonomously so you must trust the technology.”

But just to remind you it’s trustworthy, it’s got the hard shell of a crossover. Or maybe that just reminds you it’ll be a shield even when the autonomy fails. Anyway.

“It’s bold, but the simple surfaces and fading paint [coppery at the front, rose-gold behind] make it gentle. With the thin pillars it’s like a tree-house on wheels.” Well that sure makes a change from the usual ‘looks like it’s moving when it’s standing still’ car-designer cliches.

At the front the double-kidney grille is enormous, and its two halves are siamesed together. So not a double-kidney… and not actually a grille. Electric cars don’t need so much cooling, but they do need low-drag surfaces. So it’s a smooth panel. This car also needs a big clean surface through which it can aim the beams and sensors for autonomous driving. There’s the new job-description for the ‘grille’.

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The Vision iNext is BMW‘s first level 3 autonomous car

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