What’s It Like Driving A Car Without Having To Touch The Steering Wheel?

What‘s It Like Driving A Car Without Having To Touch The Steering Wheel?

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In today’s video, we’ll be doing something a little different by diving into the world of autonomous Driving technology. Specifically, I’ll be showing you What it’s Like to drive down the highway Without Having to keep your hands on the Wheel using Cadillac’s new Supercruise system. As someone who is still pretty new to this type of technology, it never ceases to amaze me, just how much innovation is happening throughout the automotive industry lately. Enjoy the video!

Cadillac CT6 Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYy4njqfcwI


– Super Cruise only works on limited-access, divided freeways with no cross streets
– Cruise Control must be turned on for SC to become available (your vehicle should be delivered with ACC already turned on and idle)
– The vehicle needs to be centered in the lane for Super Cruise to be available
– The Super Cruise icon and Steering Wheel light bar shows system status:
– Grey icon / no lightbar – SC is available
– Green icon / green lightbar – SC is active
– Blue icon / blue lightbar – SC is active, but the driver is in control of
the Steering
– Red icon / red lightbar – SC has disengaged and the driver needs to take control of Steering immediately
– Driver must always pay attention and watch the road ahead. The vehicle will hand back control if you are not paying attention.
– Super Cruise will hand back control to the driver in certain situations (off ramps, interchanges, tolls booths, construction zones, etc) – this is completely normal and will be communicated through the dash icon, Steering Wheel lightbar, and haptic seat/audible alerts
– The team has worked very hard on the smoothness of the human-machine interface with the reduced driver workload while Super Cruise is active
– Available on 2018 CT6 models produced on September 6, 2017 and later. Even while using the Super Cruise driver assistance feature, always pay attention while Driving and do not use a hand-held device.
– Visit cadillacsupercruise.com for more information.

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What‘s It Like Driving A Car Without Having To Touch The Steering Wheel?

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