Will Automation DESTROY Or CREATE Jobs? – The Self Driving Revolution!

Will Automation DESTROY Or CREATE Jobs? – The Self Driving Revolution!

Josh Sigurdson reports on a recent phenomenon that has been taking the world by surprise. SelfDriving cars. A couple years ago when we mentioned Self Driving cars to those of the older generation, they simply wouldn’t believe us! In fact, even showing them videos of the Self Driving cars lead to claims of CGI! Well, technology moves quickly and hopefully so does humanity.
Looking back over the past century, technology has DESTROYed a lot of forms of employment, but overall has lead to more newer forms of employment. What’s more lucrative… Building buggies for horses? Or massive factories building cars, sprouting up entire cities in their back yard?
Around 50% of Jobs that exist today could not have even been thought of 20 years ago.
People are overall healthier, safer and life is more convenient. Though there is a cost if individuals do not build on the free market from a competitive basis, giving individuals the demand of their currency.
People are afraid of the future, but there is simply no way to avoid it. People are falling to their knees, allowing the state to produce the most coercive technological, technocratic advances rather than innovating the market themselves. This is a massive problem.
So no, Automation doesn’t necessarily DESTROY Jobs. It DESTROYs industries and replaces them with greater industries on the free market if individuals are paying attention. As McDonalds can afford to raise the minimum wage, smaller businesses cannot. The big monopolies win. But even they are automating with Self serve machines. Well if we build on this momentum, we can head in the right direction, replacing the heavy labor or useless Jobs with greater Jobs with more prosperity for the individual.
As Self Driving cars roll out, productivity Will rise and costs Will fall as history has told us.
Self Driving cars have had a bad wrap this past year. Tesla Self Driving cars crashing has lead to a lot of panic about the technology. However, statistically, people Driving cars are one of the most dangerous ways to travel in the world. The number of crashes per capita versus Self Driving cars is like black and white. A computer can make split second choices that humans aren’t as likely to be able to make. Now of course, technology is only as good as the programmer which certainly should be noted.

Remember when people said the internet was just a trend and that it could DESTROY Jobs? That was funny…

The future is coming. It’s up to us to decide if we want it to take the decentralized route or fall to the hands of the state.

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Josh Sigurdson

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Will Automation DESTROY Or CREATE Jobs? – The Self Driving Revolution!

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