563 HP🔥INFINITI saw your comments. THEY ARE MAKING IT!

563 HP?INFINITI saw your comments. THEY ARE MAKING IT!

INFINITI repeats themselves firmly. 5 different times saying WE ARE BUILDING IT!

INFINITI Q60 Black S Concept is no longer a concept.

Overall, this hybrid equipment works in tandem with a forced induction 3.0-liter V-6 for a combined output of 563 hp. The meat and potatoes of the hybrid system is a trio of electric motors, which INFINITI individually label as motor generator units, or “MGU.”

These include the MGU-K, with the K standing for “kinetic,” which manages to salvage extra kinetic energy under braking. Even more efficiency can be had thanks the twin MGU-H (“Heat”) components, which manage to grab additional energy from the exhaust gas heat energy emanating from around the turbochargers.

Combined, these two systems enable the powertrain to “generate electrical power under both braking and acceleration,” according to INFINITI. And that means even more grunt under your right foot, no matter the situation.

That’s enough to propel the admittedly hefty two-door, at 1,776 kilograms or about 3,900 pounds, to 60 miles per hour from a standstill in under four seconds. Furthermore, this is done by sending twist to the rear wheels only.

This all means that the Project Black S has quite the intelligent mind to put every trick to use. It’s got three driving modes—Road, Quali, and Race—which each have unique mapping and performance outputs to suit your applied style of wheeling. The latter of the three is the hottest tune of them all, telling you where more or less energy is needed.

Other various styling bits have been inspired by or plucked from the R.S. 18 including the rear wing, a low-drag style fixture which is inspired by the equipment used by Renault Sport at the historic Monza circuit.

Carbon disc brakes, sticky-compound Pirelli tires, and 21-inch wheels round out the ideal package.

Quotable: INFINITI claims that all of its cars will be electrified in some way by 2021. Building off of that, it explains that the Project Black S is a “potential performance flagship,” but selling something this advanced would need to reach sky-high, price wise, for INFINITI to make sense of building it. Renault F1 boss Cyril Abiteboul says, “MAKING the leap from circuit to road is something we ARE incredibly excited to be involved in,”

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2005 G35 – 350 HP G35 – Dyno Tuned Gain +37whp/45wtq……https://youtu.be/ISFOKiAOTmw

Performance Mods:
– KW v3 Coilovers
– Injen CAI
– NWP 75mm throttle body
– Motordyne MREV2
– Motordyne 5/16th spacer
– Motordyne v3 ART pipes
– Motordyne Shockwave TDX2 exhaust


563 HP?INFINITI saw your comments. THEY ARE MAKING IT!

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