Masih Konsep ”SUBARU CROSS SPORT TOURER” Tunggu Sampai Produksi

Masih KonsepSUBARU CROSS SPORT TOURERTunggu Sampai Produksi

Besides the headlining SUBARU Levorg SPORTs TOURER, FHI also showed off the SUBARU CROSS SPORT Design Concept at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. It’s quite a fascinating thing, looking like a raised and toughened-up SPORTs coupe. The SPORTs car cum SUV theme was also recently visited by Italdesign and Audi.

SUBARU says that the 4.3-metre concept car is a combination of ‘SPORT’ and ‘utility’ – both aspects which have been refined by the brand over the years. The compact footprint allows brisk driving and yet provides features such as easy seat access, a comfortable interior and abundant luggage space, as you can see below.

A car like the CROSS SPORT Design Concept is what SUBARU perceives to be the next trend in urban SUVs. What do you think of this BRZ SUV?
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Masih KonsepSUBARU CROSS SPORT TOURERTunggu Sampai Produksi

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