Promo video of LeEco’s ‘LeSee’ all-electric car concept

Promo video of LeEcos ‘LeSeeall-electric car concept
LeEco’s LeSee Autonomous Electric car concept First Look
LeEco LeSee concept

An investor of China’s car-hailing app Yidao Yongche, LeEco envisions its future LeSee cars to form a fleet of autonomous taxis, with their front lights indicating their availability using various colors. In the official video, the car has conventional front doors and rear suicide doors, and somehow, the back seats can apparently adapt to the shape of the passengers’ bodies (indicating that it is a “concept” ). Of course, touchscreens behind the front seats are available in order for the passengers to be entertained by LeEco’s rich video service. Face recognition and self-learning will come on board but we’ll have to wait for next demos for these.

LeEco shows off its ‘LeSeeall-electric car concept [Gallery]: