5th Scale BurnOut Time! FG Dragster Test Runs

5th Scale BurnOut Time! FG Dragster Test Runs

Finally, I’m taking my FG Dragster out for a Testrun. The Dragster is powered by a BZM 28.5 Torque Tuned engine which I dropped in a FG Sportsline 2WD. I’ve converted my Sportsline chassis to a 1970’s Dodge Challenger, with lots of custom parts. In the video series you will be able to follow this build from the very start, to the point where it will finally start burning some rubber!

The custom servo setup works great, the BZM has massive torque, and I love running this Scaled down muscle car! A few alterations will be made in the future, such as a bit thicker diff oil, and perhaps a different clutch to make it engage a bit more aggressively. For a first run, I was more than satisfied and this ride is everything I hoped it to be.

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When you install your electronics in your gas powered car, always remember to use a killswitch. Killer RC has a great range of products that assist you in interrupting the ignition of the car and turning the engine off in case of emergency. Safety first, for yourself and those around you.

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5th Scale BurnOut Time! FG Dragster Test Runs

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