6,000 hp HEAT WAVE Jet Car Fires Up with Raw Sound Crazy Speed Drag Race! Over 300 mph

6 000 hp HEAT WAVE Jet Car Fires Up with Raw Sound Crazy Speed Drag Race Over 300 mph

Tulsa HEAT WAVE Jet Car
Jet Funny Car
1998 Pontiac Firebird, (Fiberglass)
Center Drive
General Electric J-85 (used in the Air Force F-5T/T-38 )
+4 Gs at Launch (same as the space shuttle at launch)
– 6 Gs at deceleration when parachute deployed
Jet Fuel or Jet Fuel/Diesel mix
Capacity 30 gallons max
Burns approx.22 gallons per 1/4 mile run
1544 pounds

The HEAT WAVE offers a very impressive law enforcement version of shock and awe with a thundering fire and smoke show which is highlighted by the latest in emergency warning lights on the Car which intensify the visual effects during night runs.
HEAT WAVE in Action

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6 000 hp HEAT WAVE Jet Car Fires Up with Raw Sound Crazy Speed Drag Race Over 300 mph

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