Big Chief vs Murder Nova @ $20,000 Race

Big Chief vs Murder Nova @ $20,000 Race

Street Outlaws most notorious street Racers, Big Chief in THE CROW and Murder Nova drew each other in the 3rd round of OUTLAW ARMAGEDDON No-Prep Race this weekend. They never love racing each other, but with $20,000 on the line, someone has to make it to the top and take home the Big pile of cash!!!

This was one of the CLOSESTS Races of the night, listen to these Big block powered GIANT TURBO goliath take each other on!

(no-prep racing is a fast growing new drag Race format where the track doesn’t apply any traction compound to the track, Racers are only allowed to bring their own and puddle it in the burnout box prior to making their pass)
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Big Chief vs Murder Nova @ $20,000 Race

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