The Ultimate 1983 Rabbit GTI – part 148 (Final Drag Racing Prep)

The Ultimate 1983 Rabbit GTIpart 148 (Final Drag Racing Prep)

I sourced Hoosier 225/50-15 DR2 slicks and mounted them on Enkei 15×8 RP1 Racing rims and used 10mm spacers to clearance the struts – if I hadn’t lowered the car so much they would have fit perfectly but in my case I have also sourced 1″ rubber spring spacers to lift up the front end and provide more of a fender gap.

I also sourced a solid rear transmission mount which is something a lot of VW mk1 Drag racers have recommended – it keeps the engine from rocking back and forth, improving traction on the track.

I have sourced the required components to get a brake cooling/ducting system put together – something I will get done before heading out for a road course track day …

On the electronics side of things I have put together a full video recording system using the ‘Harry’s Lap timer’ App on my iPhone, plus a high frequency bluetooth GPS, a bluetooth OBD/Canbus transmitter, and a Hero4 GoPro – mounted to the middle of my new rollbar – this will allow me to record HD Racing videos complete with embedded track location/performance data.

I got my shifter extension built and love it …

My rollbar was powder painted and installed, and I also mounted one of the Sparco EVO seats to my new seat frames and installed the harnesses – it all looks so ‘trick’ now with the other seats removed.

I fabricated an aluminum ‘X’ brace for the rear of the car which holds everything in position for road Racing and also works nicely as an angled mount for the nitrous and air bottles – it still needs to be painted though.

This Friday is the local Mission RaceWay ‘test and tune’ day but the weather does not look promising. Possibly later in the day the track might dry out but I am not sure it will be worth the cost and effort to go out and sit there watching the rain come down, waiting, waiting for the track to dry out (something I have done many times) – It may be May 26th for the next T&T day 🙁

Finally, I cleaned out the intake fuel filter again and found some more of the black gunk in it – I still believe it is the remaining crap from the silicon sealant I had previously used to seal up the fuel sender – I will check the filter again in another month. I also purchased a combustable fuel vapour sniffer and used it to confirm that my stainless fuel lines are releasing vapours – and this has been confirmed by the manufacturers of stainless/rubber lines – they don’t fully keep the fuel sealed up and cause a slight odor. Strange as I think that is a bad design/material spec. I will likely rip out all of the fuel lines and replace with stainless/teflon lines at some point down the road as I don’t like my GTI smelling like gasoline when I go into the garage.

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The Ultimate 1983 Rabbit GTIpart 148 (Final Drag Racing Prep)

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