VOLAR-e 2013 1.000 hp Fastest Electric Supercar

VOLAR-e 2013 1 000 hp Fastest Electric Supercar

VOLAR-e 2013 1.000 hp Fastest Electric Supercar -Spanish Supercar– Top Gear 2013

1.000 hp and 1,500 Nm Fastest Electric Supercar in the World

Spanish engineering firm Applus+Idiada has developed an Electric Supercar known as VOLAR-e.
Presentation of the most powerful Electric prototype
Applus+Idiada was chosen in 2012 by the European Commission to design and build a high-performance EV and for this project they collaborated with Croatian firm Rimac. Development took only three months during which they created a lightweight carbon fiber body, tubular chrome-molybdenum chassis and batteries.
Sporting a four-wheel drive system with regenerative braking, the VOLAR-e will borrow Rimacs battery system with a capacity of 38 kWh. Power comes from four in-wheel Electric motors generating a total output of 800 hp (596 kW) and 1,500 Nm (1,106 lb-ft) of torque. Although these figures are quite impressive, they are no match for the Rimac Concept One which produces 1,074 hp (800 kW) and 3,800 Nm (2,802 lb-ft).
The 2013 VOLAR-e will be fully revealed on Friday at the Circuit de Catalunya.

Based on a Rimac Concept One chassis.

1,000 hp (800kw)
1,000 Nm
0 to 60: 3.5 sec
All Wheel Drive
Regenerative Braking
Torque Vectoring
Achieve fast-charging (15-20 minutes)

Applus es un grupo empresarial dedicado a la certificación, inspección y ensayo. Es una empresa multinacional, presente en cuarenta países repartidos en cinco continentes. El 70% del capital pertenece al grupo de capital riesgo The Carlyle Group, el 23% a un grupo de empresarios y cajas catalanas lideradas por Caixa Catalunya y el resto a particulares. Su presidente es Joaquim Coello, vicepresidente primero Narcis Serra y vicepresidente segundo Ernesto Mata. El Consejero Director General y primer ejecutivo de la compañía es Fernando de Basabe Armijo. En su consejo de administración participan también Richard Nelson y Josep Piqué entre otros.

World´s Fastest Electric Supercar – Spanish Supercar

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VOLAR-e 2013 1 000 hp Fastest Electric Supercar

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