Top 10 Luxury Cars 2016 – 2017 | Most expensive car in the world

Top 10 Luxury cars 20162017
Relax in total comfort with our Top ten Luxury cars to buy – if youve got deep enough pockets

What makes a Luxury car? Its certainly a label thats thrown around a lot – nearly every manufacturer would have you believe some of its lower-priced cars are luxurious. However, a true Luxury car is far more exclusive than that.

Its hard to define but Most will agree that a Luxury car comes from a combination of a silky-smooth ride, effortless performance, beautifully crafted interior, all the latest technology and of course, a price tag high enough to keep the average Joe from buying one.

But if youve got a hefty sum burning a hole in your pocket, which is the best Luxury car to buy? Luckily for those few, we here at Auto Express have driven all the latest and greatest models, and rated them to give you a helping hand. Heres our Top ten.

Its not just saloon cars on our list – SUVs and performance cars make an appearance too. However, those looking for Luxury cars are usually best-served by a long-wheelbase saloon car.

Click the links on the Top left-hand side of this page to find out more about the models and why they made our selection. Every one of them comes guaranteed to spirit you up the road in a manner to which you could easily become accustomed.

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Top 10 Luxury cars 20162017 | Most expensive car in the world

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