The Tow Test and Frame Twister! – Top Truck Challenge 2015

The Tow Test and Frame TwisterTop Truck Challenge 2015

You know what a Truck pull is, right? Well our Tow Test is way better: our track extends 150 feet, climbs 13 feet in elevation, and has a maximum angle of approximately 16 degrees. Each competitor’s rig is tethered to 5-ton 6×6 weighing in at over 36,000 pounds. Each competitor is allowed one pull, no time limit. This event grabs competitor’s full attention, because it’s the first event and has the potential to quickly weed out weak components.

Through the years, the Frame Twister has evolved, and for 2015 about half way into the course, competitors arrive at the infamous Squeeze Rock section facing boulders, the dogleg, and the dreaded log section. In case you’re wondering, the Frame Twister at Top Truck Challenge really has twisted vehicle Frames over the years. It has also wasted driveshafts, destroyed tires, and thrashed suspensions. Each competitor is allowed 10 minutes to complete the Frame Twister course. Hey, you didn’t expect it to be a run-of-the-mill first day did you?

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The Tow Test and Frame TwisterTop Truck Challenge 2015

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