10 Awesome Supercars That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

10 Awesome Supercars That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

10 Amazing exotic luxury super cars that Will rev Your engines. Automobiles that most of us can only dream of.
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They’re the cars that you’ll probably never get a chance to drive, but have dreamed of getting behind the wheel and revving the engine. Throw out practical qualities like fuel efficiency and cost value when talking about these vehicles. When it comes to these 10 Supercars, you’re talking about power, speed, luxury and eye-catching style. A supercar, after all, already carries an aura of superiority in its lofty name. But these aren’t simply vehicles that fit within the ‘supercar’ label. These are the best of the best – the most amazing Supercars in the world.

The car manufacturers who have produced these sexy, sleek models are familiar to even the most casual of auto enthusiasts. Lamborghini, BMW, Porsche, Mazzeratti, Mercedes, McLaren and more, hardly brands that you are likely to see on the secondary sale market at a discount. These companies have combined a knack for flashy, high-end design with an emphasis on research and development and some state-of-the-art technology.

With a rise in online car bloggers and a proliferation of supposed experts who lend their credence to affixing cars with labels to establish their place within the hierarchy, the ‘supercar’ concept has become somewhat watered down and made rather vague. Truthfully, different auto savants carry their own notion of exactly what Makes a supercar. Complex Rides writer Zach Doell suggests that a supercar treads the fine line between being too crazy to exist as a road car and too civil to be a race car. Jalopnik Deputy Editor Travis Okulski recognizes it as the ultimate expression of a brand’s ethos and the pinnacle of its engineering and design. Supercar Spotter Tim Burton, meanwhile, emphasizes the adaptive-ness of a supercar, with an ability to remain ahead of the cutting edge of innovation.

Perhaps the most agreeable definition of Supercars identify them as vehicles that are almost solely focused on performance with little to no regard for accommodation or cost. In order to Make this list, a vehicle not only needs to maintain a certain level of style, quality and class, but needs to offer something that no other automobile on the market can. You’ll notice that each car represented on the list carries its own special something, be it speed, smoothness or a 24-karat gold-lined interior.

Given their flashy nature and expensive pedigree, you aren’t likely to find a supercar in Your local grocery store parking lot. Part of what Makes Supercars so compelling is that, outside of the car itself, mystery often surrounds their wealthy owners. As you’ll see in some of the following entries, the already-costly value of these cars is significantly enhanced by the decision by some car-Makers to limit and control production on a certain model. The Mazzanti Evantra, for instance, is only producing five of its Makes per year for sale. In other words, Supercars exist in a world that most normal folks have precious little access to, so feel free to engage in a tantalizing glimpse with the following list.

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Zenvo ST1
Mazzanti Evantra
Lamborghini Aventador (Nimrod Avanti Rosso)
BMW i8
McLaren 650S
Mercedes AMG GT S
Porsche 911 TopCar Stinger
Radical RXC
Aston Martin Vanquish
Maserati Gran Cabrio Sport

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10 Awesome Supercars That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

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