How I afford my Supercars !! VLOG

How I afford my Supercars !! VLOG

Many of you guys have asked me what I do for living. Here is a short VLOG that explains what I do and How I can afford my lifestyle. Make sure to like, share and don’t forget to subscribe because there will be a lot more coming 🙂

My Instagram: @skyze_life (
My Snapchat: Skyzelife

My current GARAGE (cars I own at the moment):

Lamborghini Aventador roadster LP700-4
Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4
Ferrari 458 Italia
Audi RS6 C7

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I love to upgrade my cars with exhaust system, wheels, aftermarket parts, such as carbon fiber parts from Novitec, DMC and exhaust from Armytrix, Novitec etc. I always modify my cars so make sure to follow me here on YouTube.. more VLOGs are comming.

Please leave a comment and feel free to ask anything you want to know 🙂 I will try respond to all comments.

People that have similar car lifestyle like me:

Salomondrin, Mo VLOGs, Seentroughglass, Yiannimize, Shmee150.

How I afford my Supercars !! VLOG

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