Top 5 Affordable SUV 2016

Top 5 Affordable SUV 2016
Affordable SUV 2016

Volkswagen Tiguan — We’ve always found the compact Tiguan to be one of the more entertaining-to-drive small crossovers, especially with VW’s excellent 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine under the hood. KBB cites its “sophisticated driving manners and upscale interior,” and says it “could be considered the most Affordable premium SUV on the market.” Whos to argue? MSRP: $22,995.

Kia Sorento — There’s no arguing that the midsize Sorento crossover is one of the Top family vehicles for the money, but we’ve long been annoyed by the fact that Kia continues to misspell the city in Italy for which it’s apparently named. It’s Sorrento, okay? There, we feel better now. As for the vehicle, KBB cites the seven-passenger SUV for having a “well-rounded character that shines with an eager and fuel-efficient engine, a long warranty and fun-yet-functional styling.” It’s nicely updated for an early-2014 release. MSRP: $24,100.

Toyota RAV4 — Redesigned for 2013, Toyota shocked the automotive world by giving the compact RAV4 a conventional tailgate instead of its traditional refrigerator-door-like hatch with attached spare tire. Maybe that’s an overstatement, but this is otherwise one of the easiest to recommend models among small crossovers. KBB likes that the RAV4, “gains amenities to help you stay connected and comfortable, and technology to keep you safe and sound.” MSRP: $23,300.

Ford Escape — Ford took a major risk by replacing the boxy and beloved compact Escape crossover with a swoopy new design for 2013 that sports myriad creases and curves. Fortunately for the automaker it continues to be a strong seller, though we could do without the too-clumsy MyFord Touch operating system. KBB says, “the Affordable-yet-stylish Escape adds and unexpected splash of zest to the compact SUV segment.” MSRP: $22,470.

Honda CR-V — The ready and reliable CR-V has long been one of the more sensible vehicular choices for both young buyers and empty nesters alike. It performs well, is comfortable and versatile, returns solid resale value and features the lowest five-year cost of ownership among the Top 10 models presented here. KBB calls it “stalwart, steady and sensible (though not quite sexy) and exceptionally easy to get along with.” Those are admirable characteristics to find in a spouse, let alone a car. Sounds like a marriage made in heaven. MSRP: $22,795.

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