Offroad Mayhem at Newly Explored Gangadhareshwara Hills

Offroad Mayhem at Newly Explored Gangadhareshwara Hills

This is a tough one. Nope not exaggerating. For my experience on Offroads, this a tough ride and should not be tried alone. Go with a small group as it will be fun.

Remember I found a hill during my ‘in search of unknown lands’ ride but couldn’t go all the way up as I was alone? It is at the end of this video : . I wanted to complete that ride to the Gangadhareshwara Hill but I knew i couldn’t do it alone. Went today with friends and made it happen! It was one hell of a Offroad ride as these roads are not ready for daily commute yet. It was abandoned and not many people go there. Out of 6 bikes, 4 made it to the top, foot peg of one got break, there were about 3 fallen bikes but we had loads of fun! The slope is so bad that we had to walk the bike while coming down. It’s not advised to do alone for anyone and not for one who is not used to off roads. If you think I am exaggerating you can try that your own 🙂 We have added this place to maps : . It is about 65 km from bangalore towards Kanakapura. Map lead you to the entrance of the Arch at Gutlunse village, from there you can ask the villagers to go the top. It’s visible from the road.

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Gangadhareshwara Hills

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Offroad Mayhem at Newly Explored Gangadhareshwara Hills

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