BMW G310GS Review and In Depth Spec Review 2018

BMW G310GS Review and In Depth Spec Review 2018

In this BMW G310GS Review, I present my opinion on the motorcycle which is formed from my personal riding experience with it as well as a detailed Spec Review.

Specs are often ignored but for someone who understands them they give great insight into the design and overall quality of the motorcycle. The BMW G310GS is no exception to this rule and as I take you through the main Specs and features of the motorbike it reveals just how amazing it is.

The BMW G310GS is definitely a game changer, it is leading the movement of the market into these newly introduced small adventure bikes which perfectly double down as commuter bike. You don’t need two bikes anymore, one for the weekdays and one for the weekends because the BMW G310GS is capable of handling all of it and even more.

When it comes to performance it generates 34 hp which provides the rider with a top speed of 143km/h and a clock time of 7 seconds when going from 0-100km/h.

The motorcycle is fairly comfortable although not being the top of the line for comfort it does however provide a great seating position which resembles the same type of seating position that you would get from its bigger siblings in the GS range. The aesthetics are pleasing and BMW have done a great job blending a sports bike type appearance with an adventure dual purpose motorcycle.

It is a fuel efficient bike giving a mileage of about 70 miles per gallon or 30 kms per litre. With an 11 litre fuel tank that provides a total distance of 330km on a full tank.

The BMW G310GS is leading the way in this movement and I’m a total fan of the motorcycle having rated it 8.25/10 being the best rating I’ve given any bike that I’ve ridden so far. The reason for this being that it is such an exciting and fun bike to ride in my experience with it. I didn’t want to get off it.

BMW G310GS Review and In Depth Spec Review 2018

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