Motorcycle gas tank leak repair Tip

Motorcycle gas tank leak repair Tip

Most Motorcycles have steel gas tanks and over time the corrosive nests of the gas and oxidation on the inside of the tank can result in slow gas leaks.

When this occurs, most Motorcycle riders opt to fix the tank rather than replace. It would seem that the most popular fix is with an internal gas tank liquid type epoxy liner.

If you’re thinking of doing this to your bike, watch this video because it can save you having to repaint your gas tank!

Please keep in mind I’m not a Motorcycle mechanic, but, I’ve been into high-power chopper’s for over 45 years! the ideas that I’m showing in this video work. But, there may be a number of other ways to accomplish the same thing. So what you see here is just an opinion from one Motorcycle rider. Before you decide to do any type of Motorcycle maintenance or repair investigate the various options and techniques and decide which one is right for you.

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Motorcycle gas tank leak repair Tip

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