Are the 2021 Concept Cars What Fans Want?

Are the 2021 Concept Cars What Fans Want?

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Are the Concept Cars What Fans Want?

F1 recently released their vision of the future with the unveiling of 3 Concept Cars that Are aimed to make F1 look more aggressive and modern. And in a recent video I showed What was at the time a leaked photo of the designs but now F1 fully released the new designs to the public with 3 Concepts.

And Fernando Alonso is a fan of the new designs but says there may be some borrowing of ideas going on between racing series.

“These Are positive changes. They look like Formula Renault and IndyCar Cars. They’ve copied ideas of which they know that they work and which Are better.”

Just for reference; here’s a comparison between the current spec Indycar with their road course aero kit and the first F1 Concept car design. Do you think there’s any similarities there? Moving on…

Lewis Hamilton is also a fan of the new Cars looks but Wants to see the old style engines brought back into the sport.

“I’m definitely gonna be driving if Cars look like this. Just please bring a V12 or V10 back.”

And F1 managing director Ross Brawn said their aim is produce Cars that “young people Want to stick up on their walls.”

“I see no reason why we can’t have exciting-looking Cars. It frustrates me when a car in a video game looks better than a car that we’re racing out on the track.”

“We’re listening to What the Fans Want, we Want to engage with their passion, we Want them to feel that Formula One is listening to them.”

And that’s the question, is this What the Fans Want? Well I may have the answer. On the previous episode where I showed the leaked image of the new car I also asked all of you What you though of it and the results of that poll Are in.

As you can see a total of 74% of you Are big Fans of the new designs with 22% of you thinking it’s perfect and 52% of you Are Fans of most of the Cars features. Only 5% said that you hate the design while 10% and 11% of you don’t mind it or only like some of it, respectively.

Fast Feed

– Formula E founder and CEO Alejandro Agag has come out saying “We have a great line-up of drivers, second only to Formula One. Apart from that we Are probably the best in the world”

– Red Bull boss Christian Horner, after struggles with the Spec C Renault engine in Singapore that, “the likelihood is, we’ll be using the B-spec engine at the next Grand Prix”

– McLAren team chief Gil de Ferran says that both Norris and Sainz can be world champions adding “If we did not believe that then they would not drive for us”

– Daniel Ricciardo is hopeful of his future with Renault but admits “it’s going to take another 12 months to be a podium contender but that’s the trajectory they’re on”

– FIA race director Charlie Whiting says it’s “very unlikely” that we’ll see 3 Cars teams in F1

– Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff has stated “not in a million years” would they release their junior driver Esteban Ocon

– Carlos Sainz has come out saying that after he went on loan to Renault he “lost contact with Red Bull”

– Charles Leclerc will drive the 2018 Ferrari in the upcoming Pirelli tyre test at Paul Ricard

Are the 2021 Concept Cars What Fans Want?

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