Commuting on a Superbike? – GSXR1000R

Commuting on a Superbike? – GSXR1000R

What’s it like to commute on a Superbike?

I hope this video gives you a good insight into that question and also an insight into how versatile the Suzuki GSXR1000R actually is..

This is coming from someone who is used to Commuting on a naked bike so obviously my opinion may differ to say someones who’s commuted on a Sports bike for years.

I felt like this was a good thing to touch on as a part of my “living with a Superbike series” with this bike.

Loving pretty much every moment with this bike in my possession.

My next video will be less “practical” stuff 😉

Thanks to Suzuki Bikes UK for lending it to me.

Thanks for watching!

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Commuting on a Superbike? – GSXR1000R

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